Charlottetown, PEI

IMG_0164Charlottetown, PEI, is where we have decided to make  our home base.  The many Golf courses, the friendliness of people, the weather in the summer is fresh and not humid.

Charlottetown and the cruise ships can be seen just over the river.

We decided to get into the housing market again by purchasing  a condo here. In order to have a home base and have property as an investment.  Allows us to travel through the winter and rent it out furnished.  Coming from Ontario, it is more affordable to purchase here on the island.  Our condo is 1345 square feet, 2 bedroom and 2 full baths.

As you know from reading our blogs that we had sold everything in Ontario when we decided to travel, knowing that eventually, if purchasing property again, we would be required to purchase all the furniture, kitchen accessories, pots, plates, forks, spoon, the works.   So much of May and June was all about  playing golf and shopping.  Everything now in our condo fits for the condo and is brand new.


One of our shopping destinations was a Amish furniture store in Halifax.  Every spring they sell all of their furniture off the floor for discounted prices so of course, we took advantage of this opportunity and purchased some beautiful, hand made furniture.

This condo is now available for rent, furnished for the winter season.  Great place for anyone that is working at the hospital or the veterinary school or just wanting to come to the island for the winter season.


3 thoughts on “Charlottetown, PEI”

  1. Congratulations The Condo is Beautiful! Would love to rent it out once we Retire and have time to travel. I’ve been to PEI but Harri hasn’t. It’s definitely a Beautiful Place


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