Living Large, Tasmania

Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania the place where all the convicts were sent from the UK.   Lots of interesting history here.

Arrived in Hobart, Tasmania and mostly stayed in Air bnb’s.  The water front and Salamanca is action filled, with lots of restaurants, however, very expensive.  

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From Hobart did a day trip to Brudy island and hopped on a fast boat cruise that held approximately 24 people.  Hoped to see dolphins and whales but no luck.  We did see lots of seals and sea birds, a blow hole and lots of caves and interesting information as to how caves are formed.  It was a great day out and the weather was beautiful.


Tasmania was the first place that the law breakers in England were sent.  One of the places they were sent was Port Arthur.  Boys only 9 year old arrested in the UK  for stealing a few shillings, were taken from their families and sent here to a separate island thankfully segregated from the rest of the convicts.  They were however, educated and taught skills so that they could fit back into society.

Interesting education about the history of the convicts, sent to Port Arthur from the UK in the 1800’s.   A separate island was the cemetery for the convicts and officers. Buried together, officers were given head stones, convicts not.

Separate building was given to the dangerous convicts, usually the disabled and  mentally ill.  They were locked up on their own, stuck in the cell for 23 hours with one hour a day allowed in the exercise yard, by themselves.   Faces were covered up whenever they left their cell to be kept anonymous from everyone.  Had to be completely silent in this building.  Even going to church you were secluded and locked up on your own.  People were treated horrendously in those times. IMG_9372

Even in Church they were put in a tiny cubicle


Stanley was a great stop along the way.  Beautiful, quaint little town with a mountain to climb.


Strahan, another stop along the way where we experienced great theatre about the history of the convicts and a ship built to escape from Sarah island to Port Arthur, called the Ship That Never Was.  This was a fantastic show, outside, with only two actors and  lots of audience participation, hilarious.  Very, very funny, and a must see if you ever end up in Strahan.

and an amazing cruise with a stop on an Sarah island which was the first island that the prisoners were sent to from the UK.  This island was known by the convicts as Hell on Earth.

Along the way back to Hobart,  we experienced this amazing 1 km, man made board walk at the side of a mountain.  Beautiful views.

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