Living Large, New Zealand, Queensland

Queenstown, New Zealand

From the North Island to the South Island by air from Wellington to Queenstown.  We have been told that the ferry from the North Island to the South Island is beautiful as well, but we found it much less expensive to fly.

Beautiful, picturesque town.  Queenstown, with the mountains and beautiful scenery and lots of action in town, was one of our favourite places in New Zealand.


Arrived here on St. Patrick’s Day.  The town was full of celebrations.


Beautiful city and stayed at Jucy Lucy and enjoyed our stay here for 3 nights.  Took the Gondola to the top of the mountain and watched the hang gliders and bungy jumpers.  Beautiful views from up here.


Walked around the beautiful city and really enjoyed this town.  Reminded us of Banff and Canmore in Alberta, Canada.

From here went to Milford Sound through Tenau.   Exceptional cruise through the fiords and glaziers.  A must do if going to Queenstown.  It is a long day as you have to drive all the way around the mountains but the drive was so beautiful through the mountains in Wilford Sounds.IMG_8888IMG_8909IMG_8913

Beautiful mountain sites along the way



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