Living Large, New Zealand, Taupo

Taupo, New Zealand

Taupo is a  town near the centre of New Zealand’s North Island.  It is situated right by Lake Taupo and many outdoor sports available from fishing to jet-boats, that take you very close to the Huka falls.  Beautiful crystal-blue waters  that can be reached by hiking and biking trails. Surrounding Taupo are some beautiful hot springs.

On our way to Taupo we stopped in Rotorua.  We saw the beautiful Red Wood trees and did the Treewalk.   Many beautiful trails to hike.  The Red Woods are not as old, or as big as the Red Woods in California but beautiful all the same.

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Rotorua is also full of Geysers.  Quite amazing to see all the boiling hot water bubbling underneath the town.  The waters are boiling and steaming, which are hard to capture by photo.


Stopped in at Kerosene Creek for a soak in one of the natural hot springs along the way.


Rented a great airbnb in Taupo.  A room that was a part of the house but a separate wing with the use of the back yard.

The air bnb’s are often much less expensive and a very nice change from hotels.  You are often sharing a home with the owners, therefore enabling you to meet some great people along the way.

From Taupo we drove to Waitomo,  to walk through the glow worm caves.  A must do when travelling in New Zealand.  Amazing two hour walk.  Can’t get a picture of the glow worms as it is very dark and no flash is allowed.  Click on the link of Waitomo, and you can see the different ways you can see the caves.   You can even go by inner tube through the waters in the caves.

The Huka Falls are one of the tourist things to see in Taupo.  Beautiful Crystal-Blue waters.IMG_8717IMG_5711


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