Living Large, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is a busy city with approx 1.6 million people.  One of the bigger cities in New Zealand.

Rented a private room with en suite bathroom from air bnb as hotels in Auckland were quite expensive.  We were approximately 20 minute uphill walk from the harbour.

Worked out at the YMCA during our stay by receiving a 7 day free trial.

Arrived from the airport to our hotel in one of these cool vehicles.

Beautiful water front harbour with many restaurants.

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Many things to do, including a ferry ride to Waiheke Island and Devonport.  A few hours to spend in Devonport is enough.

Waiheke is an island that has beaches and a town to wander through, and wineries.  Unfortunately, when we went it was raining the whole day.  We paid 40$ per person, to take the ferry and we basically went for lunch to turn around and take the ferry back.


Some very cool trees in New Zealand.  Here are some of the craziest ones.

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