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Gold Coast, Australia

Arrived at the Gold Coast after a 4 day drive from Sydney and a really great road trip with PJay.  It is approx. 11 hour drive from Sydney but we decided we wanted to see some sites along the way, therefore, a leisurely 4 nights to get there (see the blog on road trip to the Gold Coast).

This was one of our favourite areas in Australia.   The beaches were beautiful, lots to do,  even went lawn bowling.  The week  was mostly about spending time with P Jay and family as they had just moved to the area.

Our stay was at Surfers Paradise in an Air bnb at the Paradise Island Resort (a great place to stay).  Air bnb’s can be a fantastic and less expensive, alternate way to stay in places that are often much nicer than a hotel.  Usually they will have laundry machines and a full kitchen.  This air bnb was a beautiful one bedroom apt., with fantastic views and  walking distance to all the reststaurants, beaches and trains.

Much family time spent this week.



Walks along the beach to see the beautiful sand art.

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Some fun posing for old time pictures.



Workouts at the World Gym in the mornings started off our day with lots of energy.  Great gym.

More pics of the Gold Coast walk along the beach and some of the many restaurants in the area.

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1 thought on “Gold Coast, Australia”

  1. So happy I get to see all those places that I would love to see. So glad you guys are camera savvy….LOL. Have fun…


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