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Road Trip to Gold Coast, Australia

Started off our 4 night road trip to the Gold Coast with a dinner at the Pantry, in Manley, Australia, which is in the suburbs of Sydney.   Celebrated  PJay’s 40th birthday.  Had an amazing dinner with some really great wine.

Started with the scenic route and went through this little historic town called  Wollombi.  It was so small that if you blinked you were already out of it.                            ,




Got out to stretch our legs and decided to have a pint at the little pub in town.  I probably mentioned this before but in Australia I found this beer called Pure Blonde, which has only 1.8 of carbs.



Another stop at a brewery along the way, Hunter Beer Company, where we enjoyed a few really great craft beers.

They had this sign, that we thought we would share – The Beer Prayer


Believe it or not, we don’t just drink beer on our road trip to the Gold Coast.  We did stop and see the Koala hospital.  Amazing place where they take care of injured koalas.  Some get sent back into the wild and some stay at the hospital for life as they would not be able to survive in the wild do to permanent injuries.


This tree was quite something and if you look on top of where my hand is sitting there is this dead bat.  I wasn’t aware of it until it was pointed out to me.  Too close for comfort.  Glad I didn’t put my hand on it.



Visited the ruins of Port MacQuarie which is an old prison.  The kangaroos love to hang out there in the shade.

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The kangaroos loving the shade


A slide show of many more beautiful sites to see along the way.

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