Bali, Living Large


Ubud is the place to go where the monkey forest is.  We stayed just a few minute walk from the monkey forest at Anumana Hotel.  This hotel was perfectly located and the staff very friendly.  Would recommend staying here.

The view from our room into the pool.

It is inland so no beaches but so much more to see and do in the area.

Lots of restaurants and we found a great gym 20 minute walk away.


Walking the monkey forest, where the monkeys roam free, is an amazing experience.  Only $5.00 a person to enter.  Very entertaining to watch them play, groom each other and even saw a couple of scraps.  They have gangs.  One gang cannot go into another territory or a fight will incur.

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They venture out of the forest as well.  Many monkeys can be seen on the streets and on top of hotel roofs, wandering around trying to sneak food from the hotels.


The elephant safari was a great way to see, bathe, ride or swim with the elephants.   Decided against swimming with them as the water in the pool was very dirty.

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The elephants are assigned one trainer to each elephant and all were  rescued from hunters trying to kill them for their tusks.

A fish spa is another way to enjoy your time in Ubud and only costs $5.00.  The little fish eat the bacteria and dead skin off your feet.  Such a strange but nice feeling.

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