Bali, Living Large


On our arrival in Canggu, we found our accommodation with The Rinaya Canggu was too far inland.  The hotel itself was terrible and had a really bad odor to it.  Thankfully, this hotel was not expensive, only $250 for a week so we decided to walk away from it and get a place on the beach.

Canggu is a surf town, with lots of people in the water waiting for the perfect wave.  We enjoyed having coconuts on the beach with an added shot of our own rum, watching the surfers.

We decided to spend 3 nights at Legong Keraton Beach Hotel.  This hotel was great in the sense that it was on the beach and right beside Finn’s Beach Club.  We had a room on the main floor with a porch facing the pool, which was quite nice but the rooms were very musty smelling.  Ended up having to change rooms at one point because the heat and the air conditioner was creating a lot of condensation, making the floors and all our clothes damp.

Finns Beach Club is a huge club with music,  food, a pool and lots of enjoyment.

So many bikes lined up between our hotel and Finns Beach Club.


Many comfortable beds to enjoy your dinner and drinks.


The next four nights we went down to Batu Bolong Beach, with a whole different vibe altogether.  Stayed at Aston Canggu Beach Resort.  Great spot, close to the beach.  Pool, bar and restaurant on the roof.  Lots of surf and restaurants on the beach.

From here you can also walk down the beach to Echo beach.   You will find this  beautiful little spot to have lunch with excellent food, a pool and nice lounge chairs to hang out in for the afternoon.

This is what is looks like when you’re walking down the beach, unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it but definitely somewhere to have lunch or dinner.





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