Bali, Living Large


Less hectic here.  Not as many bikes and cars on the road and the beach front is beautiful with lots of shops and restaurants.  So far this is our second place in Bali and we prefer Sanur over Seminyak.  You do still get pestered a lot in Sanur.

The hotel here is not a good one.  DO NOT STAY AT THE OASIS LAGOON.  They cut corners on everything.  At the Haven we got a complimentary upgrade and here we had to pay for the upgrade.  The breakfast was included but was probably one of the worst breakfasts that we have ever had.  We decided not to even bother with breakfast.   The hotel is dated and it does not look like they have done any maintenance on the place.  When reading the reviews we thought that it would be a great hotel but not the case.  Looks  like the upkeep stopped in 2016, as that is the date of the last award they have had.

There was a  bowl of delicious fruit on the bar and we were told that we can’t have any as they are only on display.  Wow, really?

Our upgrade that we purchased made our stay at this hotel more bearable as the sliding door opened up to a pool and a couple of lounge chairs.



Other than the hotel we have enjoyed our stay in Sanur.  The boardwalk along the water is wonderful and they have a fairly good gym 15 minutes away from our hotel, which we joined for 30$ for the week for both of us.

If you are planning a trip to Lembongan Island from Sanur, DO NOT purchase the boat ride to the island by many of the sales guys on the beach.  It is approximately a 20 minute walk to the actual Ferry office on the boardwalk, (depending on where you are staying), you can also rent a bicycle to get you there to purchase your ticket.   This will guarantee you a safe trip to the island and back plus a pick up from your hotel.

Look at how this old lady is carrying her bags.


It is rainy season right now in Bali, but we have only had a few tropical rains while being here.






2 thoughts on “SANUR, BALI”

  1. Looks Amazing! Harri and I made a plan to travel more. Going to Cuba end of month. Would love to connect with you maybe next year in Costa Rica. Till then Enjoy and see you on Facebook !!


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