Bali, Living Large


The hustle and bustle of Seminyak.  Too many scooters, bike, cars and people.  Hectic and  chaotic.  First place visiting in Bali.  A little scary to even walk down the sidewalks let alone crossing the hectic streets.

One of the most important things we will tell you if you wish to visit Bali, is to exchange your money to Rupiahs prior to coming here.  They do have money exchange places, but don’t trust those.  The other picture posted below  is the back alley that you have to go through for changing currency.  You don’t actually go to a bank.

Another is to bring your own alcohol as it is expensive here to purchase a bottle.  Cost us $50 for a 26er of Bacardi Run.  Also, bring your own alcohol to restaurants as they water the alcohol down and jip you on the amount that they put in your drink.

Stayed at The Haven .  Great place to stay.  Staff friendly and always smiling.  Very accommodating to all your needs.

The first night we arrived from Sydney, a 5.5 hour flight with Jet Star (don’t fly them – cheap flights but they get you on the luggage).  We were given a room on the road side of the hotel.  Very noisy.  We asked for an upgrade and they were very happy to give us a complimentary, one bedroom, suite at the best part of the hotel.  Great hotel

The food was not that great at the hotel but lots and lots of restaurants to choose from on the streets.   Lots of shopping as well on the streets but you do get pestered by the people constantly for massage, shopping, taxes, tours etc.

We did have a nice $5.00 foot massage, which lasted a half hour,  on the beach but really not that much to see or do on the beach.






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