Australia, Living Large, Townsville


Beautiful 3 and a half hour drive, from Cannes,  to the coastal city of Townsville, located in northeastern Queensland.  We loved Townsville.  Not a town that many people go when visiting Australia, but definitely worth visiting as it is not a tourist town like Cannes.  So many wonderful things to see, such as the Magnetic Island and a beautiful walk along the Strand.

We went for a visit with our friends Di and Harry, whom we only met once in Charlottetown.  They invited us to come visit when we were in Australia.

One of the wonderful things we love is that we met Di and Harry in Charlottetown by chance.   We were sitting on the front porch enjoying a pint and Harry walked by and we started chatting.  We invited him and his wife Di to come for a drink which they did and we enjoyed a nice dinner out.

We explained that we would be in Australia the following  winter and they graciously invited us to visit them in Townsville.  They welcomed us into their home and we had a great week touring Townsville.

When you meet people and they offer accommodations and a guided tour of the places they love in their area, there is nothing better.  This will be paid forward when they, or their family members come and visit Canada.

Toured Magnetic Island, by boat, what a great day.  Had a great swim off the boat on the other side of the island as it is free of stingers and sharks.  Very warm water.

Tried some of the Australia favourites, such as mud crabs.  Delicious.


Some Bugs.   One of our favourites.  Tastes like Lobster but not as rich.

Also tried crocodile and kangaroos.  Not our favourite.

We desperately wanted to see a wallaby in the wild so Harry was kind enough to take us to a national park to see some.   This is the biggest one we saw.


We were there just before Christmas.  The town puts on this incredible Bethlehem village for Christmas where the kids are involved and dressed as little shepherds, real people dressed as Mary and Joseph sit with a new real baby Jesus.  This is free to wander through every night for a week.  Lots of activities to do for the kids.  There are kids dressed as beggars sitting with a tin cup for people to deposit money which then goes to local charities.  Real camel as well.


Had some great views walking around the popular Strand esplanade.  They have a great rock pool to go for a swim.  Can also swim in the sea, but only in the stinger net area, which protect you from the deadly jelly fish and other wild sea life such as crocks or sharks.



  1. What more can I say; but, amazing. So nice for you to have met Di & Harry. That’s the beauty of being nice. 🙂
    I am loving this travelling without leaving my lovely cold bubble by the Lake. Can hardly wait to see Bali pics. More adventures to come….


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