Australia, Living Large, Townsville



One of the wonderful things we love is that we met Di and Harry in Charlottetown by chance.   We were sitting on the front porch enjoying a pint and Harry walked by and we started chatting.  We invited him and his wife Di to come for a drink, which they did and we enjoyed a nice dinner out.

We explained that we would be in Australia the following  winter and they graciously invited us to visit them in Townsville.  They welcomed us into their home and we had a great week touring Townsville

When you meet people and they offer accommodations and a guided tour of the places they love in their area, there is nothing better.  This will be paid forward when they, or their family members come and visit Canada.

John Williamson, in Belfast, who is a taxi driver,  was also one of these people, who took us around and gave us the tour of our lifetime and didn’t charge us a thing.  He allowed us to leave our luggage at his house while we travelled Scotland and Finland and the rest of Ireland and also took us to and from the airport.  He gave us the history on Belfast, and what it was like to grow up in the times of “The Troubles”.   Not only did he take us around but took us to one of his favourited places called “The Welders Club,” where he hangs out with his friends.  He introduced us to all his friends, who made us feel so welcome and at home.  Great food as well at Welders.  He will be a friend for life and if he ever comes to Canada will get the royal treatment.


We need a place to store our golf clubs while travelling to New Zealand and Tasmania. Di and Harry, whom we only met once in Charlottetown and have now spent a week with them in Townsville, gave us the name of Harry’s cousins son Will, who is more than happy to give us the storage we need.

In Costa Rica, we have a family, who rent us their place every year and always make us feel like family.



So great to meet these people who help us out.  We will never forget them and it will be reciprocated.

When you meet people around the world, be great to them, because what goes around, comes around.

It would be great if more people around the world took Di, Harry’s, John’s and Wills example.


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