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Gorgeous, tropical, Palms Cove, Australia.  Only 60 minutes from Cairns by city bus, inexpensive cost of 4$ per person.   Our stay for 3 nights was at the Mango Lagoon Resort.  A  tropical, very hot and humid stay.

We ended up getting a nice upgrade from a studio to a whole apt for two nights.

Pictures,  do not do justice, to the beauty, the feel and energy of a place.



Lots of great restaurants along the beach.


Dangerous to swim at the beach, as there are crocks and stingers in the water.  They put a stinger net in, to keep away stingers and sharks etc.,  but still not comfortable swimming there.

Here’s a picture of Clint holding a black fin shark.



Took a trip to Green Island, which was quite expensive at 278$ for two of us as we had to take a transport to Reef Fleet Terminal, back in Cairns.  Had we known this, we would not have taken this trip from Palms Cove and waited until we returned to Cairns.


We did a bit of snorkelling on the island but it was quite murky, due to the cyclone that swept through Queensland just a few days earlier.  Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get the full snorkelling experience of the Great Barrier Reef.


There are many different species of fish that you can find in these waters.


The Liquor store that you go to in this area is the Liquorland Express.


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