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Arrived at the Novotel hotel in Cairns after a 2 hour, 40 minute flight, from Sydney,  with Jet Star and took the airport shuttle to the Novotel hotel.  Novotel is  quite nice but very expensive to have drinks at the bar.  Had one drink and went to find a bottle shop to purchase our own  beer and wine  to have at the pool.  It does not make much business sense to charge an arm and a leg for drinks.  You would have many more people purchasing at the bar if the drinks were not so over priced.

Jet Star is a cheap airline, with no leg room and they charge for any baggage exceeding 7 kg, which includes your purse, computer bag etc.  They actually will weigh all your baggage and the total cannot exceed 7 kg.  Be prepared to pay as this is an unrealistic weight.

Different and excellent to see sand and a beach-like entrance into the pool.  We enjoyed the pool at the Novotel but the lounge chairs could have been much more comfortable.


Went for a walk to explore the beach front and found a lot of great restaurants.

One of the many things we like about Australia is that there is no tipping and all taxes are already included in the price.  Also, payment is made at the time of purchase, which means that when you are finished, you are free to leave.


and a huge, pool right off the beach.  Great area.


It’s the Christmas season, but having a difficult time getting into the Christmas season with all the heat, pools and tropical feel.


We found two great low carb beers here in Australia.  Big Head, 0 carbs and Pure Blonde which has only 2 carbs per can.   Great to enjoy some beers and not have to worry about putting on too much weight.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of bats here.  The trees are full of them and all flying around at night.  During the day they are hanging upside down in the trees.  Very cool to see.  Bat poop all over the grounds. They are called Speckled Flying Foxes.



This is a video of the sound they make.  Very loud as there are hundreds of them.  They are a protected species.

Video of them flying around.  During the day they hang from the trees and at night there are so many in the sky flying around.


Another great hotel is the Shangri-la, where we stayed for two nights.  Decided to stay in a very posh, high-end hotel as the Cyclone was planning on hitting Cairnes for two days. We would then have a great place to hang out in if we couldn’t go outside.  Turned out that we again avoided the Cyclone and only had some torrential rains, thunder and lightning  for a couple of hours in the afternoon.    It was great to watch the storm, enjoying a pint,  watching the storm come in off the water.

View from our balcony at the Shangri-La.


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