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Arrived in Australia on December 2, 2018, after a very long flight from Vancouver with Air Canada, direct from Vancouver.  The flight was good, slept most of the night.

Beautiful 38 degrees celsius when we arrived.   Spending some quality time with PJay, Penny and Amity waiting for the arrival of baby Quinn.

Had some quality time with little Amity who is almost 2, going to the parks and walks along the harbour.

Little Bay, Australia, is a suburb outside of Sydney.

Beautiful beaches in Little Bay as well.










The only driving range in the area is at St. Michael’s Golf Course, which is the worst range we have ever seen. There is an old car out there, I guess for target practice and hills of dirt. super dry, no grass and cow patchy.

We were also discriminated against, at a private Golf Club called St. Michael’s Golf Course, which is walking distance from where we are staying.  The Pro Shop employee, after inquiring where we are from,  told us that the “OVERSEAS RATE” is $200 for both of us to play with a cart. We inquired as to any special rates through the week and he informed us that there aren’t any special rates.  We spoke to a pro golf instructor, on our way out and he informed us that there is a special on Thursdays for $60 green fees for the public.   Maybe we were not told about this by the Pro Shop employee, because we were from over seas, hmmm.

Had a great game of golf at the Coast Golf Course.  Beautiful, very scenic and reasonable prices, but watch out for Snakes if your ball goes into the bushes.  $110.00 for two of us with a cart.


We always look for a fitness centre whenever we travel and have worked out in many gyms around the world but never at a prison.  PJay (Clint’s son), works as a corrections officer at the prison in Little Bay and they have a work out room for the employees.  This is where we are working out.


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