Living Large, Ontario


Lots to do before getting to our destination in Australia for December 2.  First stop was New Maryland, approx 20 minutes outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The power went out on the Saturday night (Nov 3, 2018) and did not return until Wednesday (Nov 7, 2018).  Felt like we were camping for a few days.

We flew to Ontario on the Monday afternoon (Nov 5, 2018).  Only a short 2 hour flight.

Air bnb’s are a great way to stay and have the comforts of home.  Our air bnb stay  in Whitby,  is very nice with a walkout basement apartment, in a great neighbourhood and close to friends, family and all the appointments we have booked for the week..

It has been a very busy week with doctors, dentists, eye exams etc trying to get all of our appointment into one week before heading out to Calgary on the 13th, then to Australia on the 30th.

Visiting as many friends and family as we can fit in this week as we will be away until April 2019.   Oh and not to mention getting our Christmas presents organized as we will not be here for Christmas this year but in Australia.

Off to Kitchener for one night to visit my daughter, my sister and a few friends then to Toronto for a couple of days before flying out to Calgary on the 13th.  Two weeks in Calgary, then off to Australia for 5 months.

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