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We are living large. We have sold our homes and all contents and are living anywhere in the world we want. We want to show through our blog that your dreams can be realized and to not wait until it is too late. I am 56 years old and Clint is 61 and we have been into fitness our entire life. I have become a Personal Trainer, Black Belt in Karate, runner etc. I was born in Finland and moved to Canada in 1969 at the age of 7. Clint’s background is British, however born in Canada. We have accomplished many wonderful things in our lives and would love to share our travels, fitness, nutrition tips with you. Hope you love our blog.

The journey started two years prior to selling our home.  Selling off items that were sitting around in the basement collecting dust. was a great tool for this.

After a year went by,  most of our unused items were gone and the funds from the sale were added to a tax-free saving account, where thousands of dollars started to accumulate.  Once all the unimportant items were gone, a Real Estate Agent was hired.

CP 24, a Toronto  Station, Saturday morning at 7:00am, hosts “Hot Properties” with Al Sinclair.  Al Sinclair was hired as our agent.  As part of his sales strategy, he provides a home inspection and staging, as well as, possible advertisement of your house on his show “Hot Properties”.  He has an open house on Saturday and Sunday, and accepts offers on Tuesday.  Both of our houses were sold in less than a week, over asking !!!!!!  Would highly recommend Al Sinclair and his team if you are considering selling.

We had 90 days to close and had to sell everything.   Once again, was a great tool, as were a few huge content sales.   All of our possessions had to go.  Our remaining possessions for the last night before closing,  was a mattress to sleep on and a TV.  Both cars were sold and a GMC long box truck was purchased for our journey.  Only 4 bins were kept at a family members home, containing our more sentimental possessions.  The rest we packed into our truck, mostly items of clothing  and off we went.  Charlottetown, PEI was chosen as our beginning.  Funds from the sale of our homes, were invested with a qualified investment planner, Kevin Kitching (need more information on a great financial planner, contact on this site).  We now live off our interest.

We found a charming place, in the heart of the city, fully Furnished for the 1st of May to November 30,  2017.    We were very excited that our dreams were coming true.

Now we are free, and feeling very liberated.   All we own now, is our truck, bikes, golf clubs and personal items.

Feeling exhilarated, on our way to Charlottetown, PEI, to enter into a whole new adventure.  We are ordinary people just like the 99% of you, with just regular jobs.  You can live your dream, whatever that might be.  Many people put it off and put it off until it’s too late.  Life is short, don’t wait.

Charlottetown will now be our home for the next few summers, as we love it here and have planned  to come back.  We plan approx one year in advance.

Off to Calgary next to visit family for two weeks, then to Vancouver, to fly to Australia for five months to visit more family.  Will use their house as a home base travelling around Australia, New Zealand, Bali, and wherever we can find cheap flights.  Bali, is very inexpensive to live.  Can rent a luxurious place for $13.00 a night.

Since our journey began, we have been to P.E.I, Costa Rica, Ireland, Scotland and Finland.  The next year will take us to Calgary, Vancouver, Australia, Bali, New Zealand and back to Charlottetown next summer for 3 months.  Then off to Newfoundland for a month.  Finland is our destination after Newfoundland to visit more family and using the family cottage as a home base to travel to Norway, Sweden and North Finland (Lapland).  Life is exciting and only paying in one place at a time.

We are now free to live our life as we like.  No more expensive bills, only one rent per month.

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