WHITBY, is a beautiful seaside town which overlooks the North Sea.  A fishing port and a vacation resort and famous for Captain Cook, who sailed from Whitby, on ships built-in the town.


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The home of the ruined Gothic Whitby Abbey which inspired Bram Stoker to use Whitby to write his world-famous book  “Dracula”.  It is really something to see, the graveyard is ancient and amazing to walk through.  If you are a Dracula enthusiast, Whitby is the place to go.  Imagine having a Halloween party at the gothic Whitby Abbey.  One day, we would love to visit Whitby, to attend one of the many Halloween parties they host.

2 thoughts on “WHITBY, ENGLAND”

  1. I had relatives who lived in Whitby and their daughters used to complain about going up the 300 plus steps to Whitby Abbey for school services. Imagine comming down after having a few drinks at a party. Lovely photos. I love the idea of a camera roll.


    1. Thank you for commenting Anne. I love to hear from people about their experiences. Yes the 300 steps was a huge climb. When we were they did have an elevator that went up and down, but it was really small so a long wait for it to go up and down.


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