Flew into Gatwick Airport, with the plan to explore all of England.   Staying in Bed and Breakfasts through England, was the way to go.  High Beach Guest House, was the first bed and breakfast and destination of Worthing/Brighton, England.   Using the Hotels.com app is a convenient way to book bed and breakfasts and the 11th stay is always free.  High Beach Guest House, provided a very nice breakfast but the host was not as friendly as most.  Brighton was only half hour bus ride away.

Getting used to driving on the left side of the road, shifting with the left hand and basically getting used to using the left side of your brain to drive was difficult at first but after a couple of days got used to it.  After driving to our destinations, we preferred to get around by bus as opposed to driving.   Not used to driving on the left side, can be stressful.  Finding parking can be difficult and expensive as well.








Worthing is a seaside town in the south of England. It is only 10 miles west of Brighton, and 18 miles east of the county town of Chichester.





The Brighton Lanes are an eclectic mix of shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes.   You can easily spend an afternoon exploring all the interesting, unique, boutique style shops selling everything from antiques,  fashion, homeware to arts and crafts and lots of jewellers. Some great little eateries and lots of ancient pubs.  For us the most exciting was the exploring and tasting of all the craft beers and the beautiful old pubs.


The Brighton observation tower was a great way to look down on the city.




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