Kinsale, only a half hour south of Cork.

Tierney’s Guesthouse was very clean, very friendly, great location, right in town and the cost was $129 Canadian per night.  Thanks to, we stayed our first night here for free.  We had,  through our travels, booked 10 nights with  Every 10 nights booked, one night is free.

Kinsale is a beautiful, picturesque, historic town that used to be a medieval fishing port.  It is on the south-west coast of Ireland and is 25 km from the City of Cork.


Again, as in all of Ireland, there are so many pubs to visit.  Most are very friendly and the people are very welcoming.  This pub “The Bulman” was one of those pubs in Kinsale.   Delicious food and fantastic atmosphere.

Beautiful 5 km walk along the trail to get there.  Beautiful homes and fences made of stones. IMG_5781

The Spaniard was also along this walk.  Unusual, for Ireland,  this was not a very friendly place and the costs were extremely high.  Had one pint there and a bowl of chowder and never went back.  On the plus side, they did have a nice fire going.


Went to this very strange pub.  The owner was probably in her 80’s and her son was running the pub with her.  Really reminded us of the Bates Motel scenario.  She had this statue of her head in the pub.


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