Back to explore the rest of Ireland.  First stop Cork, by bus from Dublin Airport.

The first night in Cork, spent two nights at the Maldron Hotel Shandon Cork,  tossing and turning due to the church bells chiming all night, on the hour, outside our window.  Slept very little, and needless to say changed rooms the next day.  This hotel offered a fitness centre, which was under construction when we arrived.  Staff there were unprofessional.   Did not received any compensation for our inconvenience.  Would not recommend this hotel.









Explored all the pubs in Cork.  So many great pints in Ireland.   One of the pub owners gave us a list of pubs to visit and we tried to visit all of them and probably did all but one or two.

Took the bus to kiss the Blarney stone and gain the gift of eloquence.  Gorgeous ancient place.  Climbing the tower to kiss the Blarney stone was an experience in itself as the stairs were so narrow, you have to wonder how people could have ever lived there.


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