Living Large


We use the name Fountain of Youth for our blog.  When you are experiencing activities or learning anything that excites you and are passionate about you feel and look younger than your age.

A good routine of fitness in the morning, protein shakes after work out, using all natural products on your skin.  These are all things that make us feel and look younger than our  number.  We use all natural products (if you are interested in learning more about the natural products that we use)  please contact me on this site or email me at

Keeping your mind active with learning a new language, a new sport or anything that interests you, keeps your mind young.  Eventually, you start to feel that you are not your number.

For us it’s learning Spanish, with “Spanish with Paul” free on YouTube.  Try it if you are interested in learning.  He’s an amazing teacher and he teaches in a way that there is very little memorization required.

Also, doing the Golf clinics, allows us to get better and better at golf, to make our golf games more enjoyable.  This gets us out daily to enjoy the fresh air and exercise.


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