FINLAND, Family Time

My sister and I visited Finland back in July of 2011, with out kids who have never met all of our Finnish family.   We moved to Canada in 1969 as a family of four.  My mom and dad were brave, bringing four young kids to a different country. CIMG0420

It was an amazing three weeks spent there.   The kids having never been to Finland before,  are not used to so much family,  as we really don’t have any in Canada.





Since we were in Ireland and so close and the flights cheap, we decided to go and visit.

We were met at the airport by my Aunt and Uncle who  made us feel so welcome to stay in their home and visit the cottage by the lake.  So grateful to have everyone come to the cottage for a family reunion.   Saunas and hot tubs were our evening ritual for a couple of days.  First snow we had seen for a while as our winters are usually spent in Costa Rica.

Winter in Helsinki is not a beautiful as it is in the summer.

The plan is to go back again in the summer of 2019 for a couple of months.  Will be staying at the cottage for two months and travelling from there to Norway, Sweden and North Finland to Lapland.

Visited my grandmother and grandfathers old farm.  Grew up playing and helping out with all the farm chores.  So many great memories.



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