A two hour bus ride from Belfast, brought us to Dublin. The bus system in Ireland, is fairly inexpensive and much nicer and less costly than renting a vehicle.  We were in Dublin for 2 nights on our travels to Finland to visit my family.

You will never taste a more fresh, better Guinness than in Dublin.  This is where they brew it.

We enjoyed a view of Dublin from the top floor of the Guinness Brewery.   This brewery is a must visit while in Dublin.  It’s interesting,  and the tasting and the pouring of your own pint in a proper Guinness way, was fantastic.  The washrooms are on the bottom floor of the building to discourage people from hanging around drinking on the top floor.



The Temple Bar  in the riverside neighbourhood  is very busy, with cobble  roads, crowded pubs and lots of live folk music.  There are many restaurants in the area that serve all different kinds of foods.  The Temple Bar and all the pubs in this area is a great place to hang out.   The prices in Dublin were extremely expensive.  We were happy that we only spent two nights there.


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