Only a 50 minute train ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh.  So much to explore and see.   What a beautiful city.

Best way to see everything is to take the Hop on Hop off Bus.

Edinburgh for us,  was what we loved about Scotland.  Never explored Northern Scotland yet, however, one day, would love to see the Highlands.   Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and there is so much history there.  You need at least 3 full days if not more.

The Edinburgh Castle, which is beautiful to see from the City Centre, is a very popular tourist place.   We enjoyed Holyrood House (the Queens Castle in Scotland) much more as we were able to enter the inside of the palace as opposed to the Edinburgh Castle, where you were only allowed on the grounds.  It is however, a great view of Edinburgh from up there as it sits high up on the landscape.   As everywhere, the tourist areas are very expensive for food and drinks.


We really enjoyed touring Holyrood House, the Queens home in Edinburgh.  The Queen visits Scotland once a year, usually the end of June to the beginning of July and hosts many people at the castle.  They call this week Holyrood week or Royal week.  This is a celebration of Scottish community, culture and achievements.

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Some of the intricacies and architecture inside and out was spectacular.

Hopped off the bus for the Royal Botanical Gardens, however, being that time of the year, it wasn’t in bloom yet.  One day we may go back at a better part of the year so we can experience all of the beauty of the gardens.

The Frankenstein pub was really something to see.  Very dark inside so it was hard to get good pictures but worth going in to have a pint or two.


First you see the smoke and then the music starts and Frankenstein comes down.  Very cool.

Another hop off was the Royal Yacht.  Not really my cup of tea, but Clint really enjoyed it.

These are just some of the more tourist things to do when in Edinburgh.  Just walking around the city and going to some of the really great pubs is more in line with what we love to do.


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