Decided, since we were so close, we would go to Scotland.  Looked into taking the Ferry and renting a car, but so much cheaper and less time, to fly on Easy Jet.  Only 25 pounds each to fly to Glasgow and one hour later we were in Scotland.


Spent our first night at Cathedral House Hotel, very old and probably haunted.  Lerch was even the bar tender.  Ancient graveyard at the back which we walked and explored in the morning.



Walked down Cathedral road to George Square.  Met up with Eileen and Bruce at the Horse Shoe pub for some pints and laughs.  Great night.


Beautiful art work on the wall of a building




2 thoughts on “SCOTLAND, Glasgow”

    1. It was Greg. Had such a great time travelling Ireland and Scotland in the spring. I’m posting a blog on Edinburgh today. I would recommend Edinburgh over Glasgow. Both are really great to go to, but I would spend more time in Edinburgh.


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