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Fitness and Nutrition while Travelling

STAYING YOUNG MEANS PROPER EXERCISE, NUTRITION AND LEARNING NEW THINGS.  Eventually the number doesn’t matter.  What matters is how you feel in your body.

One of the first things we do when arriving to a new destination, is to find a fitness centre.  In Charlottetown, PEI, our favourite fitness centre is Atlantic Fitness.

Friendly people and all the equipment that you need.  Free Personal Training to get you on the right track.

Cycling to the gym and spending an hour and half on weight training, helps get your day on a great energy level and off to a fantastic start.

Our mornings always start off with exercise.   Access bars and Sustain drinks, before and during our works outs.  Protein shakes post work out helps keep our energy levels up and build muscle.

Access bars help you maximize your weight-loss potential by jump-starting the body’s fat-burning process:  You take these delicious exercise bars 15 minutes before your work out and they reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and prevent weight gain.

Sustain is a performance drink, with electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants and only 15 calories and 8 carbs.

I use the Proflex20 and Clint uses the Ultra-Performance.  I have a gluten sensitivity so the Proflex20 works best for me as there is no gluten.


Gaining pounds on our travels, is always a concern.  With the help of a dietician here in Charlottetown, I have learned the correct way to keep the pounds in check while travelling.   I have lost over 15 pounds using “My Fitness App.   I am now in control of keeping my daily intake at 50% fat, 25% carbs and 25% protein.   With the workouts and “My Fitness App,” I have the confidence that I can now stay on track.

As we’re getting older it’s extremely important to keep your physical body in shape but also learning new things gives you the brain exercise required.  Started playing golf last year and now in my second year of playing and just loving it.  After lessons and golf clinics,  I can now confidently play along side of Clint.  This added to our morning work outs and bike riding will also keep us in top physical shape.  I will do another blog focusing on golf in PEI.  Beautiful courses all over the island.

Using “Spanish with Paul,”  (free on you tube), helps us learn the language that is required to converse with our friends in Costa Rica.   If you have the desire to learn Spanish, check it out, you will be very happy with this recommendation.  Google Spanish with Paul, lesson 1 and you will be amazed at how easy it is to learn.


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