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Well, it started back in 2016, when Clint and I were talking over a glass of wine in his backyard.  We decided to sell our two homes, all contents and travel the world.  Started selling items that we were not using anymore, and giving things away to our kids (two of mine, and three of Clint’s).

This was something I always dreamed of doing and said that if I ever won the lottery, this is what I would do.  Not realizing, that we could do this even if we didn’t win the lottery.

One year later, while in Costa Rica and Clint had already sold his home, I sold mine.  Sitting by the pool in Punta Potrero, my agent, called me and told me that my house had sold.  Boy, did we celebrate that day.  Our dream was coming true.

Of course, when we arrived back in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, we really went crazy to sell and get rid of all our personal possessions.  No moving trucks required as by the end of April 2017, we had nothing but a mattress and a TV for our last night in my home,  as Clint’s house had already closed.  Mine was closing the next day.  My son picked up the mattress and TV and we packed up our new truck (which we purchased brand new), to begin our dream.

I want to do the best I can to show you what life is like on our travels, our workouts and ways to keep feeling young and energetic.  Proper nutrition, lots of exercise and experiencing life and learning new things to keep our brain always active as well.  I’m 55 and Clint is 60.  Here we go.



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